• Image of Art-o-carton®
  • Image of Art-o-carton®

We here at A.I.C are very happy to introduce the Art-o-carton®. This is an open ended edition that is specifically designed for people who cannot get to one of our machines. It is also great as a gift and can be shipped to the person of your choosing.

The goal of the Art-o-carton® is to create an experience for the buyer (or recipient) that will be almost as personal as visiting one of our machines. Here's how it works.....

1. Place the Art-o-carton in your cart and check out.*

2. Answer our 10-question questionnaire which will be linked on your email receipt. If you plan to send this as a gift to a friend, answer the questions based on what you know about them. These questions will give us some insight on the personality of the recipient. We will then review and hand-pick one work based on the answer of each question and fill in the artist's name under each question. Each carton comes with 10 works and a copy of the survey. Each carton will be given an edition number and registered in the permanent archives of Artists In Cellophane™.

3. Wait with anticipation for your local delivery person.