• Image of Art -o- carton®
  • Image of Art -o- carton®

The Art-o-carton® is a collection of 10 original artworks picked specifically for you! Keep it for yourself or gift one to a fellow art enthusiast who cannot visit one of our host venues.

The goal of the Art-o-carton is to create an experience as personal as visiting one of our machines.

Here's how it works...

1. Place the Art-o-carton in your cart and check out.

2. We will immediately pack your Art-o-carton with content that reflects the typical stock of an Art-o-mat® machine. However, feel free to email [email protected] if you would like to give us a brief insight on the personality of the recipient in order to better curate your collection. Keep in mind that our supply changes daily, and the AIC studio reserves final choice of all works shipped.

3. Wait with anticipation for your local delivery person!

Note: International orders please inquire for shipping quote.

Design by Holly Swenson. Structural design and printing by Snyder Packaging, Concord NC.